For an organization to be effective and efficient,
People, Process and Technology must work together.
We help you unlock the puzzle to make sense of complexity and identify the right actions to achieve your goals.

People, Process and Technology

ThreeR Consulting is a performance improvement firm that helps organizations who seek to improve client services and employee productivity while maintaining and/or decreasing the costs of those services. The company was founded by consultants who have worked together since 1996 to answer the need for independent innovative process redesign and emerging technology expertise.

Our role is to help organizations define their needs, identify areas for improvement, redesign work processes, manage the integration of technology and mitigate the impact of change.

Our services include five (5) general disciplines that, together, are the underlying strategy for solving operational challenges.


Preparing for contingencies not only reduces the severity of the impact on your organization, it also positions you to restore operations swiftly and efficiently.  A Reemergence/ Redesign/ Resiliency Plan (RRRP), as currently defined, is the process of developing advanced arrangements and procedures to enable an organization to respond to an event so that critical functions continue with limited interruption or essential change in order to continue to operate.  An effective plan addresses the protection and restoration of all staff, office and technology operations.

Strategic Planning

We understand that today’s world creates strategic, operational and organizational challenges.  ThreeR helps organizations define their strategy and business case to gain a competitive edge and provide effective client services.  Using a structured study methodology, we work with upper level management to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  We evaluate people, process, and technology to see how effectively they address current objectives.

Feasibility Analysis

ThreeR helps quantify the costs, impacts and benefits of potential changes and improvements.  This justification provides a basis for management decision-making.  Using our Feasibility Review Methodology, we identify three (3) levels of productivity gains:

  • Operational – space and physical resources
  • Tactical – labor utility and productivity
  • Strategic – customer services and future growth

Productivity Analysis

We believe that every project should be geared towards tangible results, an increase in productivity, and decrease in cost or improvement to client service. To measure improvements, we perform a productivity analysis at the start and end of projects. The three (3) ways to increase productivity are to eliminate non-productive tasks, to reduce non value-added work and increase efficiency.

Work Process Improvement

Organizations must plan for process changes to be integrated into the business
over a well-defined timeline. The key to developing a sound plan is the matching of overall objectives to the details of the business operations. We focus on defining current processes, evaluating the objectives, identifying where redesign will be beneficial, and designing innovative solutions. Work Process Improvement methodology includes the following process steps:

  • Analysis – Gather Data
  • Identify and Prioritize Gaps
  • Process Mapping – Current and Future
  • Redesign
  • Transformation Assistance

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